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Absolute Zelda Classic: Redefining the Quest Data Base!

O.k I've been kinda busy lately but here's what I've done this time.

1.Fixed the Sword of Oricon (it is now downloadable)

2.updated Vel's Insane rampage demo to the second release which now includes 4 dungeons

3.added Jman2050's "A world in the clouds" demo which can be found in the Classic style section.

4.Fixed the link to Ghibighoten's "Struggle of wisdom" which is in the Newfirst section.

5.added Tygore's "Battle of time demo which you can pick up in the demo section under Newfirst

6. A new example dungeon quest (primarily to be used upon 1.92's release) that features all kinds of neat multi level dungeon trick including water! also from Sludge I have uploaded his Tile editor which is not yet fully complete but is still a very usefull editor if you don't like the way ZC handles in that area then I would suggest this as an alternative.

7.And last but not least!
One of the neatest things you can do for your quest is make a map! well I have just the tool for you to use. It's called mapmaker and was designed by Fatcatfan to extract all the info from your quest and then generate a fully detailed easy to use map which is great for adding a walkthrough or just examining your creation

Mapmaker and Tile editor can be found under tools in the resource section.

O.k I reached 1000 at AGN! and was able to add 5 more quests thanks to Gdorf many quests could not be posted due to bugs and the authors will recieve emails on that but for now we have the following quest additions,

-A link to the Past - Magmalord
-Enter the Dark Ones - Magmalord
-Bloodline - TSA
-Sword of Oricon - TSA

(all can be found in the BS section under completed quests)

and a demo for Ghibighotens new quest called The Legend of Zelda: struggle of wisdom

Check back tommorow for the Map maker program and a new dungeon example!

Also I'd like to thank Alpro for the custom pic of Bluntman!

I moved some stuff around a bit so Check the new "Zquest tricks of the trade section for custom examples and I even added a new one! This one was sent in by Gdorf, and includes the follwing...
* Signs
* The "Fountain of Giving"
* Doors
* A Wind-Path
* A Fun-Room
* An Arrow Eye
* Chest
* HC Pieces

Also although he wanted to help time and lifes tribulations kept him from achieving this. VGWarrior has departed us, if time should permit there's always a spot for ya.

...But wait theres more! Gdorf has offered to pitch in with a few things so lets all welcome Gdorf to the AZC line up!

I added an example of various little zquest tricks such as,
-Sign screen making.
-how to make chests that open when slashed.
-use of all purpose flags to make larger changes occur in your game such as making an entire palace rise when you activate other combos.

This quest can be found at the bottom of the example quest section and is a good example to jazz up your own quests a little bit long story short Thanks out to Zel_II for sending in this example!


Well here it is. Although I now have only 7 quests posted it's still better than nothing... But seriously it will be very easy to update from here as a matter of fact I should many more to post for you tommorow so check back daily for quest updates!

WOW! you came a long way to see my counter...



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